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The creation and expansion of dairy farms

The goal of the program: the creation and expansion of dairy farms in the 50 and 100 head of cattle.Target groups: individuals and legal entities. Purpose: – acquisition of pedigree breeding stock of dairy cattle breed;

– the acquisition of the necessary equipment and machinery.
Maximum loan amount: 60 (sixty) million tenge. Interest rate: – 4% per annum based on subsidizing interest rates, 11% per annum without subsidy interest rate. If the borrower does not meet the requirements of the subsidy, or voluntarily participates in subsidies, in considering the draft takes into account additional sources income which should cover at least 7% of the annual remuneration.

The term of the loan / lease: 84 (eighty-four) months (from the date of signing by the parties act of acceptance and transfer of the leased asset).The frequency of principal repayment: monthly / quarterly / 1 (one) every six months, with the possibility of partial / full prepayment for the term loan. The frequency of repayment of remuneration: monthly / quarterly / half-yearly. Grace period on repayment of principal debt: not more than 24 (twenty-four months). The grace period for repayment of remuneration : not more than twelve (12) months. Maintenance: according to the collateral policy of the Company.
The basic requirements for the borrower: – the solvency and financial stability; – lack of arrears on taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget at the date of submission / review of the application for credit (for BCH / PC / SP);

– lack of arrears to the Bretton Woods institutions and other financial institutions in the last reporting date (month of application); – the existence of the necessary infrastructure for livestock (small dairy farm, located on a plot of land outside of the village with painted electricity and water); – provision of food supply (availability of pasture areas, including contracts on joint activities); – the presence of the veterinary and sanitary conditions in the economy; – the presence of their own breeding stock of cattle in the ratio of 1 head of cattle owned by 5 heads of cattle, purchased with borrowed funds;

– a certificate of training completion basics of management and controlling in dairy farms, or in the presence of a professional in the field of zooveterinarii. Basic requirements for the project: – dairy cattle sold; – the age of the mother pogolovya purchased breeding cattle dairy breeds – from 12 to 36 months, inclusive; – the presence of built mini dairy farm to contain from 50 to 100 head of breeding stock of cattle at the recommended requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture; – back-up power supply (diesel generator of appropriate power) and the water tank for watering animals; – the content of cows in barns with free-backyard playgrounds

; – identification of the existing and acquired in accordance with the Rules of cattle identification selhozhivotnyh (tavrirovanie, birkovanie, etc.); – veterinary care veterinary experts have licensed operating in a competitive, contractual basis; – the presence of breeding bull-producer of dairy breeds with 1:30 or contracts to carry out artificial insemination with specialized organizations; – the available breeding sires should be dairy breeds and have a pedigree and a veterinary certificate; – artificial insemination of bovine semen should belong to the bull-producers of dairy breeds; – providing for the entire loan period the minimum number of breeding stock of cattle in the quantity purchased with borrowed funds; – a contract of intent with the dair.

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