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Preliminary results of the 2015 Committee of forestry and wildlife

Press release
12.18.15 Astana city

Preliminary results 2015

Committee of Forestry and Fauna

Current year for the Committee of forestry and wildlife was strained.
High temperature, low precipitation and the presence of dry grass on the territory of the forest fund, led to the establishment in 2015 of high fire danger.
In the current year in the territory of the state forest fund liquidated 429 cases of forest fires.
Unfortunately, and allowed the growth of illegal logging.

Today on the territory of the State Forest Fund of the Republic prevented total 606 cases of illegal logging.
On the territory of the state forest fund, administered by the local government offices the largest volume of illegal logging is allowed in the East Kazakhstan (1105 m3), Kyzylorda (154.2 m3), Zhambyl (98.6 m3), North Kazakhstan (134.6 m3) regions .

On the facts of illegal logging in the East Kazakhstan region the materials sent to the prosecutor of the East Kazakhstan region for pre-investigation and further action.
Nevertheless, there is an increase in reforestation and afforestation.
In 2015, the territory of the state forest fund silvicultural work carried out on an area of 57.8 thousand hectares, including those in institutions under the jurisdiction of the Committee 9.7 thousand. Ha, higher than the targets.

The largest volumes of silviculture implemented on the territory forest institutions akimat of South Kazakhstan region (20.5 thousand. Ha), Kyzylorda (13.4 thous. Ha), Zhambyl (5.0 thousand. Ha). The smallest volumes observed in the Pavlodar region – 16,5 ha and Atyrau – 215 hectares.
In the past year, work continued on the implementation of the President’s instructions on creating a green zone of Astana, is this year made landing on an area of 5.3 thousand. Ha. Since the beginning of the works here were planted 73 thousand. Hectares of greenery.

In the current year were regional territorial inspection of forestry and wildlife conducted 9563 raids to verify compliance with environmental legislation. Composed 6197 protocols. Brought to administrative responsibility of 5923 persons, and to criminal responsibility to 64 people.
Pursuant to the agreed measures for 2015, regional territorial inspection of forestry and wildlife hunting activities implemented jointly for the protection of biological resources with the regional Public Council for Combating Corruption under the “Nur Otan”.

Territorial departments and representatives of the Public Council for Combating Corruption under the “Nur Otan” in 2015, in the republic jointly conducted 161 raids to curb violations of environmental legislation in the field of forestry, the protection of fauna and especially protected natural territories.
As a result of raids over the past period revealed 91 violations of environmental laws.
On an ongoing basis the work on the prevention, detection and suppression of cases of illegal fishing.Particular attention is paid to the protection of sturgeon species in the Caspian basin Zhaiyk.

The bodies of Fisheries in 2015 carried 6.5 thousand. Raid revealed 5149 violations of environmental laws. On infringers imposed fines in the amount of 69.8 million. Tenge, of which 50.2 million were recovered. Tenge or 72%.
In order to combat poaching, with law enforcement and environmental authorities in the waters Zhaiyk-Caspian for spawning sturgeon and other fish species conducted fishery protection action “Bekіre-2015.”
As a result of large-scale work has decreased the number of environmental violations compared to the previous year.

Regulation of the use of fisheries resources is carried out by a long-term fix for users of fishery ponds.
As of 2015, the republic of the 3047 fishery ponds and pond areas enshrined in 1767, or 58.0%.

An important area is the multiplication of fisheries resources through the implementation of measures to create conditions for natural reproduction, as well as the implementation of artificial reproduction factory method.
In 2015, under the state order Republican rybopitonikami bred and released into natural waters 168 million. Pieces of juveniles of valuable fish species.

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