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Grants and technical assistance

Grants and technical assistance

Designation of technical assistance



a brief description of


“Assisting in the preparation of the Project for the development of the investment program for the development of animal husbandry”

$ 400 000. US


The purpose of development of the investment program is to support the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the integrated development of economically and environmentally sustainable livestock sector


“Conservation agriculture (PRSKH) on the irrigated lands of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan andUzbekistan”

$ 600 000. US


The project aims to improve water and soil-resource-saving techniques of cultivation and food security by increasing crop yields of irrigated farmland in four Central Asian countries – by using the principles and experience of soil conservation and resource-saving technologies of agriculture


Joint Economic Research Program.Advice to the Ministry of Agriculture on the theme: “The advanced approach to the formulation of agricultural strategies, policies and budget”

126,484 dollars. US

The World Bank

As part of the program activities envisaged: -consulting support the development of sectoral programs of agribusiness development.Carrying out of a detailed assessment of socio-economic indicators of some policies and programs in agriculture, including subsidy programs. -Develop Systems to monitor performance and results of agricultural programs.

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