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You here:  Main NEWS IDB will provide 300 million USD for the water sector of Kazakhstan

IDB will provide 300 million USD for the water sector of Kazakhstan

Press statement
April 28, 2016                                                                                Astana

During the inaugural session of the General Assembly of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (SYKE) signed an agreement on attraction of the Islamic Development Bank funds (IDB) under the state guarantee for the realization of the two in the field of water conservancy projects. Projects aimed at improving the supply of drinking water to rural communities and restoring irrigation systems.

As part of the project to improve water supply in the Almaty region (Enbekshikazakh and Karasai areas) planned the construction of water pipelines in 15 settlements with a total length of 680 km, including 234 km of distribution lines and 446 km of water networks, as well as the construction of wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 18.8 m3 / day and the recovery of 6 existing drainage wells. The total amount of directed funds is 75.3 million USD. 

The project "Reconstruction of the irrigation and drainage systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan" provides restoration of irrigation system on an area of 58 thousand hectares in some areas of Almaty region and the hydromeliorative improvement of soil conditions 92.5 thousand hectares in Maktaral and Shardara districts of South Kazakhstan region. Also, 512 wells will be restored and they will be provided by surveillance cameras, as well as 270 irrigation channels  and operating bridges will be built. The project cost is US $ 235.5 million and UNDP funds will be involved as co-financing.

The main goal of these projects – a phased withdrawal from budget dependence to self-supporting of the water sector to and improvement of investment attractiveness.


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Ministry of Agriculture
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