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You here:  Main Reports Report of the Vice-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on development of E.Nysanbaeva water and biological resources

Report of the Vice-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on development of E.Nysanbaeva water and biological resources

In the area of water resources:

In order to ensure the sustainability of water facilities and buildings, owned by the Republic, in the reporting year, work on the construction and reconstruction of 38 waterworks and overhaul on 10 special emergency water facilities. As a result, in the operation made 20 water facilities, the remaining 28 passing objects, completion of which is planned in the coming years.
In 2014, the construction and reconstruction of group pipelines were allocated from the republican budget of $ 8 billion. 550 million. Tenge for the implementation of 23 projects have been completed and put into operation the State Commission Acts 4 facilities of drinking water supply. In general, it reconstructed and built 125 km of water supply networks, improve the water supply in 37 villages with a total population of 46.3 thousand. People.
In order to ensure the preservation of the ecological status of water bodies carried out environmental releases (river Shiderty Pavlodar region, Maritime lake system Kyzylorda region, Lake TengizAkmolinskoy region) for which the national budget envisages annual allocation of the necessary funds.
Due to the transfer of the title, in 2014 conducted emergency repair and shore protection works on the river Shu Kordai district of Zhambyl region along the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan on a stretch of 12.8 km.
Within the framework of targeted transfers to regional budgets for the development of a project to revive the river bed Usolka being the right bank of the Irtysh River oxbows.
State program of water resources management in Kazakhstan on 2014 – 2020 years, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 4, 2014
for number 786.

According to the action plan of the state program in 2014 provided 23 380.0 million tenge actually been allocated 19 603.4 mln. In 2015 the plan 61 545.3 mln, but due to the budget deficit actually provided 19 778.9 mln. Underfunding will be 41 766.4 mln.
In 2014, 7 were implemented budget programs, 2 of them – the current program and 3 – development programs, including 2 programs with the involvement of external loans, 2 programs for targeted transfers, with a total budget of 40,620,900,000. M. During the reporting year, mastered 40,561,300,000. Tenge or 99.9%, in 2013 the development was 84.8%.
To ensure stable operation of hydraulic structures of the republican ownership of 11 181 national and cross-border facilities in 2014 was envisaged 7 billion. Mln.tg 313, including operating costs, maintenance, flood control and protection measures, etc.
Basin inspection of the Committee on Water Resources of 2014 was carried out 271 checks on observance of the requirements of water users of water and environmental legislation. 236 to impose administrative penalties totaling $ 21.4 million. Tenge. All of them recovered.
Work was carried out on the operational management of water resources as a result of all fishery products of the economy, have been provided with water in accordance with the limits, including the Ili River Basin, in spite of the abnormally low water period.
The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the PRC on the management and operation of the joint combined waterworks “Dostyk” on the river Khorgos Law dated November 20, 2014 № 255-V ZRK.Zakonom Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 26, 2014 № 268-V SAM ratified the Agreement Loan (second phase of the project to improve irrigation and drainage systems – PUID-2) between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
This year, the forces of RSE “Kazvodhoz” completed work on the problematic sites (Urda-1-2ocheredi and Kamensky), but putting them into operation, with the re-adjustment of the positive conclusion of RSE “State Expertise.” On-water conduit Zhairem Karazhal work almost completed and ready for commissioning.
A meeting of the joint commissions on transboundary waters with neighboring countries (Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, the Central Asian countries). Particularly noteworthy achievement in 2014 of agreements with China on the review of the current year a draft agreement on water sharing.

In the field of forestry:

High temperature, low precipitation and the presence of dry grass on the territory of the State Forest Fund, led the establishment in 2014 of high fire danger, which affected the growth of the area covered by fires, compared with the previous year.
Overall, last year was 578 cases of forest fires in the area of 3.0 thousand hectares. In Vol. H. Forested 1.2 thousand. Ha. The damage caused by the forest fires was 56.7 mln. Tenge.

As in previous years, 70% of forest fires are not caused by the adoption of appropriate measures by local executive bodies to prevent and combat wildfires that are moving to the territory of the state forest.
During the year there were 18 cases, the transition from the steppe fires on forests Akmola, Almaty, Atyrau, Kostanai, and Pavlodar regions Zhambylkoy that led to forest fires in the area of about 2,000 hectares.
The lack of fire extinguishers in akimats of rural districts does not allow a timely manner to eliminate wildfires.

In this regard, I consider that the akimat of the region must be taken to strengthen the material and technical base of local government offices in rural areas and districts.
Large forest fires allowed in forest institutions of Akmola, Kostanai, Pavlodar, Zhambyl and West Kazakhstan regions, indicating that the poor preparation for the fire season.

Unfortunately, fire fighting facility in Merke Zhambyl region killed 3 people.

The relevant authorities poorly is working to identify those responsible for the fire and damages. Last year, the guilt of only 2 percent of the cases of fires (11 cases out of 578).
According to the results of official investigations into large-scale forest fires 6 employees Forest institutions dismissed and 16 people were disciplined.

State inspectors of environmental institutions and employees of state forest protection in 2014 carried out 19,305 raids, with 590 found evidence of illegal logging, the volume of which amounted to 4922 cubic meters.
The largest volume of illegal logging are revealed in Zhambyl, East Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Kostanai, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions.

The trend of increasing the volume of reforestation and afforestation. Extensive work has been done on the dried bottom of the Aral Sea, in the green area of the city of Astana and tape Irtysh pine forests. In the past year, work continued on implementation of the President’s instructions, compaction plantations, as close as possible to the edge of the city of Astana.
The largest volumes of silviculture implemented on the territory forest institutions of South Kazakhstan region (24.6 thousand. Ha), Kyzylorda (24 thous. Ha), as well as RSE “Zhasyl Aimag” (5 th. Ha) and Reserves Families and Ertysormany (4 2 and 2.8 thousand. ha). The smallest amounts of forest plantations in the Pavlodar region – 19 ha, Atyrau – Karaganda and 215 hectares – 240 hectares.

In the animal world:

As a result of measures taken to stabilize the situation with the number of rare and endangered species of animals and the saiga. 7 letnablyudaetsya positive trend towards increasing their numbers.
On an ongoing basis the work on the prevention, detection and suppression of cases of illegal fishing.Particular attention is paid to the protection of sturgeon species in the Caspian basin Zhaiyk.
The bodies of fisheries for 2014 conducted 8099 raids, 6549 revealed violations of environmental laws.On infringers imposed fines in the amount of 49.6 million. Tenge, of which 37.7 million were recovered. Tenge or 76%.

In order to combat poaching, with law enforcement and environmental authorities in the waters Zhaiyk-Caspian for spawning sturgeon and other fish species conducted fishery protection action “Bekіre 2014”.Indicators of this action are shown on the slide.
As a result of this work has decreased the number of environmental violations compared to the previous year.
Regulation of the use of fisheries resources is carried out by a long-term fix for users of fishery ponds.
As of 2014, the republic of the 3066 fishery ponds and pond areas enshrined in 1799, or 59%.

An important area is the conservation of fisheries resources both through the implementation of measures to create conditions for natural reproduction and artificial means.
In 2014, under the state order respublikanskimirybopitonikami bred and released into natural waters 168 million. Pieces of juveniles of valuable fish species.

Protected areas

The total area of protected areas in 2014 godudostigla 23.8 million. Ha (8.7% of the country’s area).
In order to develop tourism, according to the Master Plan, in the past year as a result of competition is composed of 45 long-term rental contracts for the construction of tourist and recreational facilities in protected areas.
Tasks in the field of water and biological resources for 2015.

In the area of water resources:
quality and timely completion in 2015, planned to pass water facilities intended for drinking water supply and agricultural irrigation water;
take the necessary measures for the implementation of the State program of water resources management in Kazakhstan;
build bulk retaining structures on the head water of the main canal Novoshieliysky in Kyzylorda region, as well as on the main channels and Tasmurunsky Bakanasky River Silt in the Almaty region;
begin implementation of 2 pilot projects Koksu district of Almaty region and Zhambyl district of Zhambyl region to restore irrigated land and improve water availability.

Vsfere biological resources:
reforestation to bring areas in protected areas to 10,500 hectares, and the volume of forest plantations in mezhkulisnyh spaces in the green zone of Astana city until 2200 hectares;
to take measures for the development of fish farming with the introduction of cost-effective production technology of marketable fish;
continue work on the reconstruction of two sturgeon hatcheries to the achievement of production capacity from 7 million to 12 million. pieces juvenile sturgeon;
develop and submit to the Government a draft law on amendments and additions to some legislative acts on flora and fauna;
conduct internal procedures necessary for the entry into force of the Agreement on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological resources of the Caspian Sea;
ensure Kazakhstan’s entry into the Asian Organization of cooperation in the forestry sector;
to finalize the program for the forest sector of the economy up to 2020 and start its implementation;

In cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to restore the tiger in Balkhash continue to establish a specially protected natural areas in the delta of the Ili River;
International Fund to assist in the protection of bustards in the completion of this year, construction of a nursery in the South Kazakhstan region with a design capacity of release into the wild of Kazakhstan till 5000 Houbara Bustard in the year;
in cooperation with international environmental organizations to finalize the Action Plan for the study and conservation of the snow leopard in Kazakhstan for the years 2015-2020;
.organizovat and ensure the large-scale fisheries protection action “Bekіre-2015” during spawning sturgeon and other valuable fish species in the Ural-Caspian basin in cooperation with the interested state bodies.

In conclusion I want to note that the tasks in 2014 in the field of environmental management to the Ministry resolved despite the abnormal natural phenomena.
I want to assure you that the challenges ahead for 2015 to the Ministry and its committees in the field of environmental management will be implemented in full and in the timeline.

Thank you for attention!

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